Family Law

There is little question that divorce, child custody, support and the dissolution of the family relationship is the most difficult and emotional area of the law our office practices.  There is no more important decision to be determined than the placement of children and California law is to always place the children’s best interest first in that determination. Does this always happen?  Unfortunately the answer is “No”.  If you are not represented by an attorney and your ex spouse is represented it is the experience of this office that not understanding the law or how to apply it most often leads to the uneven allocation of time with the children by the parents and the improper allocation of what assets of the estate may have existed.

Under the current rules laid down from the Elkins Task Force on Family Law you must be prepared to give oral testimony as a witness at each and every hearing.  To do that effectively you need an attorney to prepare and go over the facts of the case.  You need an attorney with years of experience to cross examine the other side’s witnesses and place proper objections before the court to their declarations so prejudicial statements do not destroy your efforts to simply have appropriate time with your children.

In our office you have the chance to engage an attorney with years of real world litigation in civil and family law.  The reason such a combination of experience is important is that in your divorce many business, real property and estate issues arise.  If you have the opportunity to retain an attorney with experience on the front lines of each of these areas instead of an attorney who may only practice “family law” but lacks the business background or trial presentation experience wouldn’t you choose the attorney who has seen and practiced in the multiple areas of law that now affect your divorce?  Of course you would and that is why you should call to set up your free 30 minute consultation today.


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