How to Achieve the Best Possible Result in Court

How to Achieve the Best Possible Result in Court

Choose Jim to handle your civil litigation matter in El Cajon, CA

Whether you're going to court or simply drafting contracts, you can count on the Law Offices Of JP Miller Jr. for devoted representation. There is no defendant too big for Jim take on to protect your rights and ensure you're awarded the compensation you're entitled to.

He's handled trials against Mercedes Benz (Revetta v. Mercedes Benz, et. al.) on Song-Beverly and the Tanner Consumer Protection Acts (commonly called Lemon Law). He's also taken on large cities over police excessive force and search and seizure violations (Sermon v. City of La Mesa, et. al.).

Learn more about Jim's civil litigation experience in El Cajon, CA by calling 619-590-0383 now. He also serves the entire San Diego area.

The Law Offices Of JP Miller Jr. offers these services

Jim is more than just a contract lawyer. El Cajon residents trust him for the following civil law services:

  • Estate/Real property law
  • Consumer protection
  • 4th Amendment rights
  • Civil rights claims
  • Contract drafting
  • Business litigation
  • Negligence, slander and defamation
  • Labor and employment issues

Need help with something that's not listed here? To learn more about our services, get in touch with Jim, a civil litigation and contract lawyer, today.