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The Law Offices of JP Miller Jr. handles child custody litigation in El Cajon, California. Fighting for legal custody of a child can be tough. Attorney Jim Miller will make sure that your parental rights are secure. Call now to schedule an appointment.
3 things to know about child custody cases

Here are three things that every parent should know before they start fighting for child custody in El Cajon, California:

  1. You could be granted joint or sole legal custody of your child.
  2. If you’re granted joint custody, you’ll need to work out a visitation schedule.
  3. You can fight a custody ruling by applying for a modification of custody.

The judge will consider many factors when making a child custody decision, such as the age and health of the child. The judge will also look at your history as a parent and your financial situation. Be prepared—call the Law Offices of JP Miller Jr. now to speak with a child custody litigation attorney in El Cajon, CA.