Criminal Defense Litigation

The office has state trial experience in criminal defense.  Did you get pulled over for a DUI?  Have you been arrested on the allegation of Domestic Violence arising out of a divorce or not?  These are just two of the many areas of criminal law that our office has successfully represented clients in the various courts throughout all of Southern California.

For domestic violence specifically, do not let your ex use the prosecutor’s office as a free legal service to push you into a bad divorce settlement or loss of your parental rights.  Do not believe for a moment that pleading out early to such a charge and “just putting it behind you” is the best way to resolve the allegation.  This office has seen too many clients come in after pleading guilty because they just wanted the domestic violence part of their divorce resolved but knowing that they did not commit the acts their ex accused them of committing.  They were never informed that by doing so they had lost valuable rights as a parent to their minor children.

DUI involves multiple jurisdictional issues.  In California you not only have the courts but also the DMV.  The DMV hearing has to be set within 10 calendar days of your arrest or your license will be suspended after 30 days.  The DMV hearing officer is not a judge, not a lawyer and does not have to follow the rules of Evidence.  Conversely, the courtroom is often much more friendly to the defendant as your Constitutional Rights apply.  Was the stop bad?  Was the breath test properly conducted? Is there a proper chain of custody of the blood evidence?  So many factors go into your defense.  Do not make the mistake that just because you “blew” over .08 that you should automatically plead guilty to a full DUI charge.  Call our office and find out your rights.


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