Civil Litigation

The term “Civil Litigation” covers many different areas of civil law.  Such areas include: Real Estate/Real Property, Contracts, Civil Rights claims under the 4th Amendment and US Code 1983, Consumer Protection including Lemon Law, Labor and Employment, Personal Injury, Negligence, Slander and Defamation, as well as multiple Business Litigation issues.

You will be happy to know that this office has handled all of the above and more.  With trial experience in both State and Federal Courts your case will be given the proper attention and resources needed to win.  With trials against Mercedes Benz (Revetta v. Mercedes Benz, et. al.) on Song-Berverly and the Tanner Consumer Protection Acts (commonly called “Lemon Law”) as well as large Cities over police excessive force and US Constitutional 4th Amendment violations (Sermon v. City of La Mesa, et. al.) there is no defendant “too big” for our office take on to protect your rights and ensure you awarded the compensation you are entitled to.

Most often civil litigation involves personal injury that is brought about by the negligence of another person or business.  Car accidents, trip/slip and falls as well as other areas of unintended injury arise.  Whether the claim is against a huge corporation such as Wal Mart or an individual who caused your auto collision the office is here to help.  With hundreds of claims made, negotiated and tried in this area your specific needs and those of your family are always the principal upon which your matter will be handled.  No settlement will ever be made without your approval in writing.


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